Jeff Mere - Bass / Vocals - Jeff can play those Zydeco Bass lines like no other, such a gifted Musician oh and BTW his Guitar work is equally stellar! 

David Hicks - Bass Dave knows Bass, he has been a longtime member of Citizen Dan (Steely Dan Tribute) and regular Bassist for BlueKrewe.

Eric Stehle - Sax - Eric is one of the best Soloist I've ever heard, His tone and playing reminds me of Michael Brecker. I really dig his playing 

Robert Fiorino - Drums Robert has been part of the BlueKrewe  for several years and He really loves to lay down the groove....... and its solid.

Jimmy Yozel - Drums Jimmy is a force to reckoned with, he's got groove plus chops = BadAss

Brandon Vigil - Sax Brandon hails from Memphis and is truly one of the best sax players around.....

Kevin Thomas - Drums A professional Groovemiester!

Scott Headley - Percussion / Drums Scott has a groove like no other, it doesn't matter if he is playing Drums or Percussion, his groove is solid and true, He is the MVP in the BlueKrewe!

Joe Pacheco - Bass Joe is always in high demand and its because he can play it all, he has a great tone and always hand picks the right notes in the music.

Kyle Borthick - Percussion Kyle goes way back with the BlueKrewe and its various versions, he brings a lot of good Mojo with him and it comes out in his grooves. 

Mike Ray - Drums Mike brings such a great feel to this Band, his Groove is steady and Funky.

Dave Lyons - Bass and Percussion - Dave is one of the best Musicians around, it is an honor to have him be part of the BlueKrewe family since the late 90's

Steve Sheldon - Harmonica Steve is the of the best, this guy can play anything on his instrument, every time he plays with the Band i am in awe of his talent.

Mike Wysocki - Bass Mike brings a serious groove to this planet, and when we get to Jupiter he'll bring it there too!

Chris Harris - Bass Chris has a great ear for music and his groove is outstanding!

Wilson Thomas - Sax Wilson + Sax = wholly molly what was that, dang that dude can play

John Bunting - Percussion John adds the right groove at the right time, he just knows what to do

Mark DeGeorge - Keyboards Mark can play anything you throw at him and play it better than anyone around

Paul Martin - Scrubboard A.K.A. The ScratchMan Paul brings an infectious groove the the Zydeco beats

Freddie Cochini - Scrubboard A.K.A. Mr Yeah U Right Freddie just has a touch of class on the board like no other

Jodie Woodward - Bass Jodie is in high demand on Colorado's front range and with touring need to wonder why she is Groove

Trip Merklein - Scrubboard / Percussion Trip brings the energy....enough for the whole venue. He has drank the water and just gets it.

George Stone - Keyboards R.I.P. Al ot of musicians were fortunate to have known George, he played anything and everything. He just made everyone around him a better musician.....we miss you my Friend.

Mac McMurry - Bass Mac is solid as a Rock, but goes un-noticed because he is in the pocket and does not make mistakes! 

Chris Lacinak - Drums Wow! what can i say.....i'll try anyways....he hails from NOLA enough'll find him playing on my CD

Lou Gerrig - Percussion Lou is an incredible person and has a groove that is solid and thoughtful.

Chico DeMeira - Bass Chico has played many gigs with the BlueKrewe and has that Funky style that catches on quick, he also put the FUN in Funky.

Todd Edmonds - Bass Buckweed is Bad Ass and in high demand for European tours.....He also plays a mean Sousaphone...coming to a Second Line near you!